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28, Southern California

Music, vinyl, hockey.

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  • Sofa king stoked about upcoming shows!

    June 22nd: Warped tour (my first) which means i’ll see Anthony Raneri, Anti-flag, Bayside, every time i die, for today, four year strong, impending doom, new found glory, streetlight manifesto, taking back sunday, the ghost inside, the used and yellowcard. and that’s just bands i’m stoked to see. i’m sure i’ll find a bunch of others.

    also june 22nd: five iron frenzy! after warped tour, i’m heading over to the glass house to see one of my favorite ska bands for the first time! it’s also their reunion tour.

    June 29th and 30th: MxPx, Mest, Rufio, and set your goals. 

    cannot contain my excitement!