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I'm too old for this.

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  • The next two weeks are gonna rule!

    Today is the start. Warped tour all day, Five Iron Frenzy at the glass house tonight, mxpx next Friday and Saturday, leave for vacation in Phoenix on the 1st, after I get back I’ll see my best friend for the first time in almost a year.

    It’s gonna be great.

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  • missnovocain:

    This is Jacob and I enjoying the local art in Arizona.

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  • 1. Paul Revere - Beastie Boys
    2. Think Twice - MxPx
    3. Bye, Bye, Bye - Further Seems Forever
    4. Sorry So Sorry - MxPx
    5. Alcohol and Alter Boys - Bayside
    6. Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional
    7. Smash Your Enemies - Hatebreed
    8. Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Evergreen Terrace
    9. All of Your Love - Hellogoodbye
    10. If You C Jordan - Something Corporate
    11. Bayonetwork - Norma Jean
    12. Floating Through the Vein - The Red Chord
    13. Victim of the Crime - Phoenix
    14. Trife Life - War From A Harlot’s Mouth
    15. Purple Haze - Six Feet Under
    16. Means To An End - Stretch Arm Strong
    17. Oh Yeah, Well My Daddy Died W/ A Needle In His Arm -Nodes OF Ranvier
    18. All Bodies - Between The Buried And Me
    19. No Other One - Weezer
    20. Through Dead Eyes - xDeathstarx

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  • queenbreee:

    arizona sunsets are the best sunsets.


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  • Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

    1. Between the Buried and Me - Foam Born (a): the backtrack

    2. New Found Glory - This Isn’t You

    3. For Today - The Advocate

    4. Every Time I Die - For the Record

    5. Zao - Suspend/Suspension

    6. The Ghost Inside - Chrono

    7. Lugnut - Pointless Education

    8. Crashdog - ?School

    9. Mest - Return to Self-Loathing

    10. Phoenix - Napolean Says

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  • Reasons why this month rules.

    1. work has been great and keeps getting better. i’m working on bikes now and the people i work with are way cool.

    2. julias birthday was really fun for me. i hope it was just as fun for her :-)

    3. I saw between the buried and me (finally!) and job for a cowboy.

    4. went to costa mesa last friday for my friend mikes birthday and things went unexpectedly well with jenn and i.

    5. i went to a reunion show of 3 punk bands that i practically worshipped and were a huge influence on me and a big part of my life from 10 years ago. i saw a bunch of old friends from my punk days. ian, ben and i were also together for the first time in a long time. we used to go see these bands back in the day together. it was great to have my arms around these guys shoulders and sing along to jchc again *tear*. we reminisced with harlan about our trip to central california with each other as well. definitely good times.

    6. I’m going to see bayside! 

    7. my birthday is on friday. i think im ok with turning 25 now. 

    8. seeing reel big fish again!

    9. my band is having our first show at a bar right down the street from where i live. 

    10. I’m going to phoenix again at the end of the month!

    I’m sure there will be more reasons for this month to be as great as it is. cant wait to find out what they are :-).

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