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  • You see it’s funny because…

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  • It’s taken me 28 years…

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  • MxPx


    Are you happy with your life?
    You make just enough to scrape by
    You pay the rent, and your check is spent
    Where did last weekend go 
    You wasted all your flow and you dont
    remember where it went
    Drinking smoking cigarettes
    Working but you’re still in debt
    Thinking losing self-esteem.
    How can this be, happening?
    You might have the temporary, superficial happiness
    that you buy with money you don’t have.
    Do you tell yourself, it’s just the first time or maybe the last time
    Which is your circumstance
    Life is not a job or a career.
    Living is not smoking and drinking beer
    A gift to receive and not to take
    The free thinking choice is yours to make
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  • cohesivefission:

    LEFT COAST= BEST COAST MXPX at the GlassHouse Pomona


    Packed to the rafters..

    And I was there too…

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  • Favorite Christmas song

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  • jotabrilho:

    Let’s go to the punk rawk show…

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  • jashuastephen:

    MxPx - Let It Happen

    One of my favorite songs ever.

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  • I put stuff on YouTube.

  • Mike Herrera - Buildings Tumble

    This song is off of “The Ever Passing Moment” by MxPx, which was released 13 years ago today.

    I took this video of Mike at The Underground (basement of the Nile Theater) in Mesa, AZ back in March of 2010. It was one of the best nights of my life.

  • Mike Herrera “my mom still cleans my room” from warped tour pomona 2012.

    I miss this day.

    side note: you can see my blurry head on the right about half way through. red/black hat and sunglasses.

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  • It’s time for Jacobs favorite things! 

    My favorite albums the came out in 2012. part 1.

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