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  • likezebra:

    BAYSIDE vocalist, Anthony Raneri, released a solo album earlier this year, titled New Cathedrals. At the time it was only available in CD and digital formats. Now, Paper + Plastick will be releasing the EP on vinyl, mixed with coffee. Yes, coffee. The clear vinyl will have powdered coffee…

    this is so cool!

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  • Sofa king stoked about upcoming shows!

    June 22nd: Warped tour (my first) which means i’ll see Anthony Raneri, Anti-flag, Bayside, every time i die, for today, four year strong, impending doom, new found glory, streetlight manifesto, taking back sunday, the ghost inside, the used and yellowcard. and that’s just bands i’m stoked to see. i’m sure i’ll find a bunch of others.

    also june 22nd: five iron frenzy! after warped tour, i’m heading over to the glass house to see one of my favorite ska bands for the first time! it’s also their reunion tour.

    June 29th and 30th: MxPx, Mest, Rufio, and set your goals. 

    cannot contain my excitement!

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  • I need to buy a frame

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  • This Saturday

    Will be a great night. Bayside, Yellowcard(finally!) and New Found Glory in one night!

    I’ve never seen Yellowcard before and I’ve been a fan for about 9 years.

    The only thing that could make this a more perfect lineup is if they added MxPx and Blink-182. I think my head would explode though.

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  • Since getting a new iPod a year ago, these are my top songs

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  • Hand written thank you note from Anthony raneri with my copy of new cathedrals. How genuinely cool is that?!

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  • jeredscott:

    bayside (@baysideband). santa barbara, ca. 1DSMKII.

    a few years ago, as i was getting to know the bayside dudes, they were on tour thru california. i drove myself to 4 or 5 shows and was fortunate enough to get a little AA pass to shoot and hang. the velvet jones is one of the only clubs left in santa barbara that still has punk shows. things got rowdy real quick, so sadly, me and my camera had to head for higher ground.

    i don’t normally shoot much with my fisheye, but this show had such an “old school” feel going on that it felt fitting.

    do you listen to bayside? how many times you gonna make me tell you?

    i would love to see them at a small show like that

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  • dannicajune:

    Jacob, I decided to finally give Bayside a chance.

    I got 16 songs into a 100 song shuffle and decided I like them. You win.

    Doodz! My sister likes bayside now! 

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  • 1. Paul Revere - Beastie Boys
    2. Think Twice - MxPx
    3. Bye, Bye, Bye - Further Seems Forever
    4. Sorry So Sorry - MxPx
    5. Alcohol and Alter Boys - Bayside
    6. Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional
    7. Smash Your Enemies - Hatebreed
    8. Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Evergreen Terrace
    9. All of Your Love - Hellogoodbye
    10. If You C Jordan - Something Corporate
    11. Bayonetwork - Norma Jean
    12. Floating Through the Vein - The Red Chord
    13. Victim of the Crime - Phoenix
    14. Trife Life - War From A Harlot’s Mouth
    15. Purple Haze - Six Feet Under
    16. Means To An End - Stretch Arm Strong
    17. Oh Yeah, Well My Daddy Died W/ A Needle In His Arm -Nodes OF Ranvier
    18. All Bodies - Between The Buried And Me
    19. No Other One - Weezer
    20. Through Dead Eyes - xDeathstarx

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  • See my shiny new necklace? It’s shiny and new

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